Best Military-Themed Video Games

Best Military-Themed Video Games

Video games have come a long way in recent times. All types of games are available, ranging from strategy games to first-person shooters. They have evolved tremendously in terms of graphics and their overall complexity. Plus, you have multiple platforms to enjoy them.

One video game category has been pretty popular right from the beginning. And that is the military-themed video games. The satisfaction you get from obliterating your rival armies in your games is entirely unmatchable. These games are becoming closer to reality in terms of their visual aspects.

So, here are the 9 best military-themed video games that have ever entered the market.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (Xbox/ PS4/ PC)

Call of Duty needs no introduction as it is one of the best games on warfare. This game will take you on a rough journey of modern warfare, and you will assume the role of a skillful SAS commander.

You'll be sent out on various dangerous missions, with your full arsenal of skills - from hand-to-hand combat to sniper ops - being put to the test. With a wide variety of maps, players get a chance to maneuver in fictional and real world locations. Just pick a fighting styles and let your moral compass be your guide.

Squad (PC)

Squad is one of the best in terms of its gameplay and physical attributes of combat. Players are immersed into a complete 360-degree experience, with a huge environment to play in as you battle rival troops for supremacy.

Cooperate with fellow members and guide well-coordinated attacks to crush opponents. In Squad, it's all about the raw realism of gunplay, with the bonus element of localized voices of your teammates.

Insurgency Sandstorm (Xbox One/ PS4/ PC)

This multiplayer tactical first-person shooter allows players to enjoy objective game play. A hardcore take on modern warfare, Insurgency Sandstorm works best when you function as a team and display proper skills.

This game goes big with the heavy artillery, vehicles, and tactics. Players have access to a wide range of ammo and armory, but you better learn how to manage your happy-trigger side and use your brains too. Graphics are astounding and everyone is sure to enjoy those hellish firefights!

War Thunder (Xbox One/ PS4/ PC)

War Thunder dumps you smack in the middle of a blood-soaked, cutthroat war world where ground, aerial and naval forces are combined to orchestrate different attacks. You can be a part of any force and wreak havoc on your enemies.

There is a huge collection of maps offering a range of different environments within which to rain fire. Players can expect to make plenty of life or death decisions. As far as audio/video elements, War Thunder strikes us as pretty awesome, all things considered.

Company of Heroes 2 (PC)

In Company of Heroes 2, players assume the role of commander in the legendary Red Army and relive the gruesome times of the Great War. This is all about the blood-soaked reality of the Eastern Front.

Lead the attack against the Nazis or do whatever you want to make your way to Berlin amongst the carnage. Feel the life-threatening harsh environmental conditions thanks to the dynamic weather systems of the game, adding to the immersive experience. There's also an option to play in competitive multiplayer mode or co-operation mode.

Sniper Elite 4 (Xbox One/ PS4/ PC)

Sniper Elite 4 is a true work of art combining action and stealth to take players back in time through the deadliest conflicts the world has ever seen. Fight for the Italian Resistance in WWII as an elite marksman and free the country - along with the world - from fascism!

Packed with detailed visuals, Sniper Elite 4 let's you drop targets while coping with various environmental factors like bullet drop and wind direction. A nifty video imitation of the real life experience of a being a military sniper.

Splinter Cell Blacklist (Xbox/ PS3/ PC/ Wii U)

In Splinter Cell Blacklist, assume the role of field operative assigned to stop a terrorist group from escalating attacks on US interests. Pull down your trademark goggles and tactical suit and show the game what you're made of in this thrill-filled race against time.

Select your style using different gadgets and arsenal for either a more explosive or stealth approach. Choose to be either a mercenary or spy and customize your character as much as you want. Players can even use enemies as human shields to make your way through difficult predicaments.

Wargame: Red Dragon (PC)

Wargame: Red Dragon offers up a slice of real-time strategy play within an escalating Asian conflict. Set between 1975 and 1991, NATO is up against the Pact, a group of powerful nations, with both sides hellbent on sending their armies to take over the continent. With Wargame, it's all about strategy as players control over 1,400 units.

Hell Let Loose (PC)

Hell Let Loose drops players into the miseries of WWII as unknown soldiers stuck in a time of great crisis. Fighting with Allies, drive trucks and attack vehicles, and dodge gunfire in the midst of the glorious battle. Featuring multiple maps to explore, players can enjoy limitless options.



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