If you are in the military (or are a veteran), work for a law enforcement agency, or are a first responder, we want to hear from you! 

What we’re looking for: 

  • Action-oriented first-hand accounts of real-world situations (make sure real names aren’t used without permission and no classified or sensitive details are listed. Up to 2,000 words)
  • Short informational articles (about topics relevant to our audience, up to 500 words)
  • Top 10 lists (such as top 10 favorite action films, war novels, patriotic songs, etc. Up to 750 words)

NOTE: Stand Ready does not post opinion articles about politics, race, religion, cultural issues, etc.

Stand Ready does not currently offer payment for user-submitted content we publish on our website. 


Writer’s Guidelines

If our editor selects your piece for publication, we’ll let you know within a few days. 

Due to the volume we get, we can’t reply to each submission. If you didn’t hear from us in a week, we opted to pass…but don’t take that personally. We get a lot of great submissions and don’t have the bandwidth to take all of them. 

All submissions must be the author's original work. 

Feel free to use quotes as long as they are sourced, though. For example, if you’re quoting an article from Military Times, put parentheses around the quote, state “according to Military Times” (or something to that effect), and include a hyperlink to the article. 

We’ll post the author’s name along with a brief ~25-word bio.

Please make sure and edit your work before sending it to us!

You must be 18+ to submit content. 

Terms and Conditions Authors retain ownership of submitted content, but give Stand Ready the right to use it on this site and to promote it on social media. By submitting content to StandReady.com, you grant us a non-exclusive worldwide license to use, reproduce, and publish content we accept. You agree that the content you create and submit to StandReady.com does not contain third-party copyrighted material (or material subject to third-party proprietary rights). You agree that Stand Ready may enable advertising in connection with the display of your content. You are responsible for the content you submit, including all risks related to it, its accuracy, or claims made by a third-party relating to their intellectual property or other legal rights. You can post your content elsewhere, as long as it doesn't conflict with other agreements. You can request that we delete any of your content that we accepted and published. It may take us a few days to get to it, but we will honor such requests as fast as we can. Stand Ready may make minor edits to content. 

How to Submit Content 

Email our editor at BlogManager@StandReady.com

Include your blog in the body of the email, or share the link to your work via Google Doc. Make sure permissions are enabled for us to view the Google doc. If we have to “request access” we’ll probably pass.

Please format your doc in Arial font, 11 font size, with 1.15 line spacing and 0 pts before and after. Use titles and headings.  

Please do not send attachments. 

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